In the dramatic season 17 trailer for "Sister Wives," Christine Brown vacates Kody Brown's home.

The trailer features Janelle Brown saying, "I'm not really sure we have a family anymore."

Christine and Kody Brown's ordeal has ended, and it's now time to watch how it all played out on Sister Wives season 17.

The first trailer for the upcoming season depicts 50-year-old Christine packing her belongings into boxes after deciding to end her multiple marriages. I've made the decision to go. "I'll depart from Kody," Christine states in a private moment.

Christine discusses some of the issues that led to her departure from Kody while also addressing some of the friction between them. According to her, Robyn [Brown] is more significant to Kody than she.

Kody, 53, and Christine had an emotional talk in which Christine said to Kody, "It's been horrible being your wife for years."

She subsequently adds in a confessional, "I accepted to be a sister wife." But I consented to being a partner-wife.

Kody can't keep his anger with Christine from coming out at a meeting with the other wives.

Kody screams at Christine while Robyn, 43, and Janelle Brown watch. "You never tried to build a genuinely decent relationship with these individuals, and that's the reason I'm pissed off," Kody says to Christine. Man, all these years it's simply been a knife in the kidneys.

In the dramatic season 17 trailer for "Sister Wives," Christine Brown vacates Kody Brown's home.
In the dramatic season 17 trailer for "Sister Wives," Christine Brown vacates Kody Brown's home.

Kody continues, "All the sacrifices that I've made to love you." before storming off.

It quickly becomes apparent how significantly Christine's absence affects the entire family. Even Christine's sister wives' reactions to the news are hinted at in the trailer.

Christine's departure was inevitable for Janelle. Janelle, 53, said, "I feel like it's more of an inevitable coming rather than a 'Let's try to work this out'."

Christine's choice and cries as she says: "Christine seemed to me to be more than just a sister's wife. She seemed to have been my buddy for a very long time. "

Janelle, though, is equally concerned about the effects of Christine's leaving. Janelle fears, "I'm not entirely sure we have a family anymore."

After the setback, the Brown family women try to "rebuild," but other problems take centre stage, such as Janelle's faltering faith in her own marriage to Kody. She says to the cameras at one point that Kody "no longer acts like my husband."

The family has yet to see what is in store for them. Kody confesses, "The message we presented to the public about functional polygamy looks so flawed now."

In November 2021, Christine made Kody's breakup public. The long-term couple had been married for 25 years and had six children together.

The previous Sister Wives season put a lot of emphasis on Christine's discontent in the marriage, which eventually led to the couple's separation. When Kody declared he was "no longer interested in having an intimate marriage" with Christine, their issues grew worse.

On TLC, Sister Wives season 17 debuts on September 11 at 10 p.m. ET.


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